Statement from ISA regarding UK 420 Qualifier eventss


UK Qualifiers, Weymouth and Pwhelli.

With the upcoming events in the UK drawing near, we can confirm that the ISA will be sending Ross Killian as coach. He will be there to coach on the water, deliver briefings, help with the forecasts and prepare the sailors for what to expect out on Weymouth bay and in Pwhelli. The dates of the events are:

2nd & 3rd March, Weymouth, UK Winter Championships.
20th & 21st April, Pwhelli, UK Spring Championships.

Ross will be on site for the Thursday and Friday before both weekends and will be running sessions on the water for those who are there to prepare for the weekends racing he will be coaching any Irish boat that attend but will not be acting as a team leader ashore however. There is the possibility of Ross helping with the transportation of boats to these regattas so those who are planning on attending either one can email him at rosskillian [at] email [dot] com and he will try to help.

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