Ziegelmayer 420 IRL 52407

2005 Ziegelmayer hull in brilliant condition. no sign of ageing, Perfect for a new entry to class.

The boat is set up well and is ready to Win! Comes with: mast, boom, spinnaker pole, Ziegelmayer centerboard, Simon Cooke rudder with bag, all control lines, top cover, measurement papers, as well as an aluminum launching trolley. We have a number of sails ranging in condition which you can choose.
<--break->2 X training condition P&B mains 
2 X training P&B crosscut jib
1 X good condition Zaoli R12 Main- radial cut
1 X good condition Zaoli R 10 Jib
1 X training condition north S-05 spin Spinnaker
3 X training training tri radial jib 

The boat can be viewed in Dublin and a test sail can be arranged.

We also have a range of spared that may also be purchased

1 N-1 foils rudder.
1 Millanes racing rudder
1 proctor mast.

EUR 2,850

Contact: Ph 0862503267

Tino [at] hsal [dot] ie


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